About us

The Company

Metalbac & Farbe has been established in 1994, presently producing, as the main field of the business, a wide range of paints, varnishes, enamels, thinners and horizontal road marking materials, under the trademarks of FARBE, FABERPLAST, SPRAYPLAST, THERMOCOLOR, PREFORM TCG. The company is also designing and manufacturing educational games for children, under the trademark PLAYFORM.

FARBE also comprises the single component road marking materials, either solvent or water-borne.

FABERPLAST and SPRAYPLAST forms the cold-plastic and cold-spray-plastic range of multi-component road marking materials, based on the methyl methacrylate(MMA).

The trade marks THERMOCOLOR and PREFORM TCG, comprising the thermoplastic materials and including the preformed ones, are both produced by Metalbac & Farbe Company, being used to perform the application of the horizontal road marking.

PLAYFORM is another product of the company Metalbac & Farbe, conceived to offer outdoors educational, yet funny games for the children.

Another core field of the company is the performance of application of all the horizontal markings on the highways and roads. Over the 21 years of activity, the company continuously improved its capabilities, by acquiring the machinery for both the paints and materials manufacturing and for the performance of the applications of the road markings.

The Team

“Before everything, a Company means people.”

The value of the Metalbac & Farbe Company relies on the value of its employees, the team spirit being a key factor for the company identity, while the respect for the team becomes crucially important for keeping the enthusiastic attitude toward the company’s mission.

The pro-active people could accomplish a lot on their own, but they can indeed reach the top performance when working together. We have chosen to invest in capable, enthusiastic and ambitious individuals, as they represent the essence of our success, while the key to achieve the success is the continuous and efficient work.

We have a dedicated team of professionals, focused on achieving top quality and paying attention to details, being entirely capable to turn an idea into reality.

Mission and Values


Our mission at Metalbac & Farbe is to keep offering quality and bring our contribution to your safety.  It is our aim to be the best partner to the community, to our customers and, last but not least, to our employees.


For Metalbac & Farbe, the success means our work and commitment to follow the core values:

  • The superior quality and professionalism
    The quality of the products and services rendered by Metalbac and Farbe, along with the professional attitude against any challenge, represents the first steps on the structure of a stable business organization.
  • The respect and commitment to our partners
    Metalbac & Farbe committed to conduct its business in a highly ethical, honorable and responsible manner, building trustful and long lasting business relationships.
  • Work support and appreciation
    We embrace the work – an essential condition of our growth. The most important investment of an organization is the employees. We appreciate them and encourage their inventiveness.


The idea is important – an innovative idea, strong enough to attract people who share the vision.

We dare to dream while keeping our feet on the ground. We are curious people, ambitious and strong, open minded and having different mentalities, people who are seeing things from a different perspective.

Within our company, the innovation related activity is encouraged at all levels, while the expertise and the permanent consultation between the research team members emerge into the products and services that offer, reaching a high quality level.