Acrylic anticorrosive system for metal industry

The acrylic anticorrosive system is designed for temporary anticorrosive protection of metal surfaces, especially during storage and transport. Combination of last generation raw materials made it possible to obtain a water-based ecological product that offers anticorrosive protection.

Depending on the thickness of the applied layer (approx. 40 microns dry film) and temperature (approx. 45 °C), metal parts painted with this system can be manipulated and stored within 10 minutes after painting.

Specific products: FL 600-90 Water based black acrylic lacquer, FL 600 Water Based Clear Acrylic Lacquer.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • environmental friendly products;
  • creates an excellent barrier to water vapors and oxygen;
  • very good resistance to salt spray test and weathering;
  • good resistance to mechanical shocks;
  • easy application: air- or airless spray, brush;
  • fast drying.