SPRAYPLAST 50 – Cold plastic road marking paint based on methyl methacrylate

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Sprayplast 50 is a multi-component spray cold-plastic material based on MMA (methyl methacrylate). This cold-plastic road marking material forms hard and very resistant films in a very short time by curing with the help of the powder hardener Farbeplast FP-IP.

Sprayplast 50 is applied in a 50:50 system (component A: component B+hardener) only with specialized road marking machines.

The multi-component material Sprayplast 50 can be applied with special spraying equipment as longitudinal road markings or as transverse or diverse road markings such as: horizontal road marking signs, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, parking spaces etc.

Due to the fact that Sprayplast 50 can be applied at a layer thickness of 200 up to 1000 µm, this material is ideal for refreshing road markings made with 2K extruder cold plastic.

Thanks to superior durability comparing with solvent based or waterborne paints, Sprayplast 50 is recommended for application of longitudinal markings on asphalt surfaces, in heavy traffic areas, on all types of roads, including within cities.

Products: Sprayplast 50A cold-plastic material, Sprayplast 50B cold-plastic material, Farbeplast FP-IP powder hardener, reflective glass beads, cleaning agent FD 200-9.

Note: FD 200-9 cleaning agent is used only for cleaning equipment and tools. Do not dilute Sprayplast 50!

Characteristics and advantages:

  • the best durability;
  • the best adhesion to the substrate;
  • environmentally friendly cold-plastic product;
  • solvent free;
  • causes minimum road traffic interruption;
  • very good resistance to snow plows;
  • good cost-performance report – decreases the frequency of remarking;
  • high retroreflectivity for a long period of time comparing with other thin layer road marking paints;
  • can be applied as Type II marking with the right mixture of big glass beads and anti-skid material.