Alkyd – acrylic system

The alkyd – acrylic system consist in products designed for metal surfaces, based on a mixture of acrylic and alkyd resins, high quality pigments, anticorrosive pigments (for primers), siccatives and solvents.

Alkyd – acrylic products can be divided into two categories:

  • Products designed for metal surfaces’ protection (FG 560 Primer, FE 560 Enamel and FD 560 Thinner)
  • Products solely intended for metal industry, having the role of assuring temporary protection against corrosion during storage and transport (FL 560 Alkyd – Acrylic Lacquers for pipes, FL 560-90 and FD 560, FD 560 Thinner).

Specific products:

  • FG 560 Alkyd Acrylic Primer, FE 560 Alkyd Acrylic Enamel, FD 560 Thinner.
  • FL 560 Alkyd Acrylic Lacquer for pipes (clear or black), FD 560 Thinner.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • fast drying;
  • very good hiding power;
  • good weathering;
  • good hardness;
  • simple application by spray, roller or brush.