Epoxy system for floorings

Epoxy products for floors are two-component products with low organic solvents content. Due to high resistance to aggressive factors, friction, mechanical wear and exposure to chemical environments, these products are recommended especially for protection and finishing of interior concrete floors subjected to intense traffic.

Specific products: FL 3602 Epoxy lacquer, FE 3601 HS Epoxy enamel, FI 3601 Hardener, FD 360 Thinner.

Note: FI 3601 Hardener is used in a ratio of 50% p.b.w. with FL 3602 epoxy lacquer and 28% p.b.w. with 3601 FE 3601 HS Epoxy Enamel. DO NOT DILUTE the epoxy products for floorings! (p.b.w = parts by weight)

Characteristics and advantages:

  • system is suitable for light, medium or intense traffic, depending on the applied layer thickness;
  • high-solid product with low organic solvents;
  • can be supplied in a variety of colors;
  • good hardness;
  • resistance in acidic or basic chemical environments;
  • easy to apply with roller or brush;
  • very easy to maintain.